Can You Use A Shop Vac As A Regular Vacuum?

Can You Use A Shop Vac As A Regular VacuumIf you’re unfamiliar with the difference between a shop vacuum and a regular one, let us lay it out for you!

What’s The Difference?

A traditional or regular vacuum cleaner is best described as a dry vacuum. They are a staple in almost every household and can handle all sorts of messes including pet hair and due to the inclusion of special HEPA filters, even allergens in the air!

On the other hand, we have shop vacuums that have earned their nickname from being primarily used in a more professional setting. These are a heavy-duty option as they are well adept at cleaning surfaces of all kinds. They are also unique because they have been designed to handle both wet and dry messes.

Can You Use  Shop Vac As A Regular Vacuum?

To answer whether you can use a shop vacuum as a regular vacuum, we would suggest you consider adding a shop vacuum to your arsenal on top of the regular one! This is because where regular vacuums fail, shop vacuums can swoop in and sweep up all sorts of messes.

Another reason for this is that even though they might be less powerful than the other, regular vacuums have been specifically designed to deal with all sorts of scenarios, surfaces, and situations in the home setting! A good example of this is the filtration systems that we mentioned earlier.

These filters are made to suck up all contaminants and allergens that might be floating around in your home and are especially useful if you have pets. Shop vacuums unfortunately are severely lacking in this category and therefore might not be as good at it. On the other hand, shop vacuums have been designed to tackle an array of surfaces such as backyards, patios, concrete paths, and more!

However, if you are someone who has a big backyard and has to deal with a lot of leaves in the fall, shop vacuums might be your best solution! Not only do they do an excellent job of cleaning up dirt, debris, and messes from any surface, many can also double as effective blowers. So, you get the work done at half the cost and half the time!

Therefore, in conclusion, while it is true that shop vacuums have mostly been associated with use in a more industrial setting, this is not the case anymore. The reason behind this is the fact that they are also fitted with more commercial features to aid users at home. Initially, shop vacuums were mostly used for industrial purposes.

Nowadays, they are more customized with added features to aid the home user. Let’s face it when investing you would prefer the product that can provide you with dual functionality although it depends entirely on the user’s needs.

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