How Much Does A Shop Vacuum Cost?

How Much Does A Shop Vacuum CostWhen it comes to a comparison with traditional vacuums, Shop Vacuum cleaners will in general be utilized in a more professional setting. This might consist of construction sites, woodworking shops and you’re your workspace in your garage.

How Much Does A Shop Vacuum Cost?

The overarching idea is that these are meant for heavy-duty tasks when compared to ordinary vacuum cleaners. In a workshop or job site, the shop vacuum will work to suck up a wide variety of debris but this will be different from what you might clean up at home.

This might include metal pieces, sawdust, tiny lumps of wood, and different pieces of leftover debris. This makes the need for shop vacuums to be of sturdy construction much more necessary.

All of these reasons combined are why when it comes to cost on average, a shop vacuum might be more expensive when compared to a normal one. This isn’t always the case however because regular vacuums can also be on the expensive side due to branding or high-quality parts.

So How Much Does A Shop Vacuum Cost?

When you are on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner that will be used for the elderly in your home, in your garage, patio, or even on a smaller scale, you can expect to pay around 50 to 100 dollars. On the other hand, for a more professional shop vacuum that is loaded with features and has more HP, you could be paying up to 300 dollars as well!

Now, that we’ve gone over how much a shop vacuum costs, let’s figure out what increases the cost?

The Motor’s Horsepower:

For most shop vacuums, you will find that they range somewhere between 1 to 6.5 peak HP capacity. This number is the amount of power and suction ability they will provide the user with. This is the most common and most important deciding factor on the price of your vacuum cleaner will be.

Additional Attachments And Accessories:

Apart from the main device itself, if you are looking to get some extra tools that do not come included, this can raise prices. You will find that not all shop vacuums will be loaded with tons of accessories.

This means you will have to get the ones you need at an extra cost. In case a certain product does not have a large enough capacity in its dust compartment or bag or the vacuum has no wheels, you might have to splurge.

Gallons And Capacity:

Shop vacuums are different from the normal kind primarily due to their dual suction capabilities. This means they can handle wet messes just as well as dry ones. So this of course means you have a tank or compartment with more gallon limits.

This is quite simple to understand because the higher the gallon range, the higher the vacuum cleaner’s price will be. While a larger capacity does imply that you have more ability to store your dry and wet messes, it is important to remember that this number denotes the capacity of the tank and not how much it can store.

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