Vacmaster VQ607SFD Shop Vacuum Review

Vacmaster 6 Gallon Vacuum Review

Vacmaster 6 Gallon Vacuum ReviewThe Vacmaster VQ607SFD Shop Vacuum cleaner offers users an exceptional cleaning experience. This means that no matter what the scenario, no matter what kind of a mess and no matter what terrain, this product can handle it all! It owes this to its powerful motor, its clever technology and more excellent denatures we are about to dive into.

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Vacmaster VQ607SFD Shop Vacuum Review


When it comes to the topic of durability, we have found that there might be some room for improvement! A lot of users have complained that while the Vacmaster performs well in other aspects, it might not be your top pick if you want a long-term investment.

Ease of Use:

That being said, we love how easy to use this device is. We owe it all to the user-friendly interface it is fitted with. This means you won’t have to be a pro or have a certain skill set to vacuum your workspace with this vacuum. The overall assumption is that shop vacuums are generally more difficult to utilize, but we beg to differ.

Apart from being user-friendly, this product also offers ease by being incredibly lightweight so you can easily lift it around. This means it is quite easy to use on all sorts of daily tasks. You won’t have a problem carting it around on different job sites as being portable is what it does best!


The motor on this bad boy will be more than enough to clean its way through spaces of all kinds. This includes patios, garages, worksites, and much more. The motor in question is a 3 peak HP motor that has enough torque to suck up all sorts of messes; wet or dry.

It is also powered by 120 volts and is completely corded. While being corded does mean you miss out on complete freedom of mobility, it also means that users get a steady supply of unlimited power.

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6-Gallon Stainless Steel Tank:

Speaking of messes, Vacmaster VQ607SFD Shop Vacuum is also hooked up with a tank that has a total capacity of around 6 gallons. That means you will not have to worry about cleaning up and maintenance any time soon. Vacuum away in peace and with the knowledge that its stainless steel construction ensures it won’t leak or get damaged even with exposure to water.

Additional Features:

The hose isn’t the longest we’ve seen today but rest assured that it is resilient! It also comes fitted with a locking mechanism so that you can work with complete ease. Another aspect we love is the addition of a dust-sealed switch.

This ensures no matter how messy it might get, the internal workings of your machine are safe from dust and dirt. Finally, this device also comes fitted with an onboard Accessory Storage compartment where you can easily store all extra attachments and components.

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[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#0c9e21″][su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#21b40b”]

  • 6 Gallon Steel Tank
  • 3 Peak HP Motor
  • On-Board Storage
  • User-Friendly
  • Dust Sealed Switch
  • Locking Hose
  • Lightweight
  • 120 volts



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a”][su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Not entirely durable


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